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This project is unlocked once you complete Understanding Strategic Modeling in Universal Paperclips. The game Universal Paperclips is an addictive Javascript game in which the goal is to turn a modest paperclip factory into a monstrous company that converts the entire universe to paperclips. One of the interesting parts of the game is the “Strategic Modeling” module that can be unlocked after a few hours of paperclip making. This is the best of available strategies (slightly improving on Generous and Greedy) before you have the project Strategic Attachment, and the most expensive to obtain.

Strategic modeling paperclips

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Introduction to LCA and modelling using GaBi . GaBi Paper Clip Tutorial . PE INTERNATIONAL. Hauptstraße 111-115 .

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One of the interesting parts of the game is the “Strategic Modeling” module that can be unlocked after a few hours of paperclip making. 2017-12-17 · New Strategy: GREEDY is a project in Universal Paperclips. This is one of the strategies available for Strategic Modeling.


I had a few PBs in between but kept noticing potential improvements.

http://blog.guillaume-loubet.fr/understanding-strategic-modeling-in-universal-paperclips. I don't understand the explanations completely but was able to memorize some of the heuristics mentioned in the article and I can usually correctly choose between A100 and B100, and sometimes TIT FOR TAT or BEAT LAST. Retrieved from "https://universalpaperclips.fandom.com/wiki/Talk:Strategic_Modeling?oldid=2741" The web version of this game was not designed to work on phones. Grab the mobile version below. It says "A100" is better than greedy and/or beat-last!
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So, there won’t be any new cubes or dimensions. Using Strategic Modeling Chemistry Activity: Modelling Polymers with Paperclips. In this article, we'll go through a chemistry activity that involves paperclips and modelling polymers.

Strategic Modeling. Financial constraints are increasing rapidly.
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Universal Paperclips has three main stages, and once you finish stage 1, your goals and resources will drastically change. For this guide, we’ll focus on getting through stage 1 efficiently. 2017-12-17 · New Strategy: BEAT LAST is a project in Universal Paperclips.